Call for Comments on the Proposed Electricity Regulations

To enhance the reliability, quality of supply and quality of service in the electric power sub-sector, the Authority has developed two (2) draft regulations namely:

  1. The Draft (Electricity Reliability, Quality of Supply & Quality of Service) Regulations, 2021
  2. The Draft (Electricity Supply) Regulations, 2021

Accordingly, and in line with the public participation requirement as envisaged in the Constitution of Kenya, the Energy Act, 2019 and the Statutory Instruments Act (No. 23 of 2013), the Authority hereby invites Members of the public, and stakeholders to submit their views on the aforementioned regulations.

Comments on the draft regulations using the prescribed public comments form or written memoranda; clearly marked “PUBLIC COMMENTS ON DRAFT ENERGY (ELECTRICITY RELIABILITY, QUALITY OF SUPPLY AND QUALITY OF SERVICE) REGULATIONS, 2021” or THE DRAFT (ELECTRICITY SUPPLY) REGULATIONS, 2021” can be sent via email to

In addition, comments may be dropped at the Authority’s headquarters in Nairobi and/ or satellite Offices listed below between 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m during business days not later than Friday, 14th May 2021.

Please click on the links below to download the respective documents.

Draft Energy (Electricity Reliability, Quality of Supply and Service) Regulations

Draft Energy (Electricity Supply) Regulations

Kenya Electricity Grid Code Part I & II

Draft Kenya Transmission Grid Code Part I

Draft Kenya Distribution Grid Code Part II

Stakeholder Feedback Template

Public Notice on the Proposed Electricity Regulations