The Authority is empowered by Section 10 (hh) of the Energy Act, 2019 to protects the interests of consumers, investor and other stakeholder. To achieve this mandate, the Authority carries out a number of functions among them, monitoring, ensuring implementation of, and the observance of the principles of fair competition in the energy sector. This is in coordination with other statutory authorities such as the Competition Authority of KenyaKenya Revenue Authority and the Capital Markets Authority among others.


The Authority undertakes the following activities in ensuring regulatory compliance and fair competition as outlined under the sub sectors below:

Electricity and Renewable Energy Sub Sectors

  • Reviewing Tariff Policy framework for transmission, generation and distribution. This provides utility company meet revenue requirements for sustainable operations
  • Assess trading arrangements including Power Purchase Agreements and Network Service Contracts
  • Monitoring compliance of approved tariffs, conducting stakeholder engagements to seek views on tariffs charged.
  • Determination of Pass through costs ensures prudently incurred costs are passed on to the consumer.
  • Monitoring and audit of generation Plants and transmission & distribution networks to ensure power sustainable and reliable supply of power.

Petroleum Sub Sector

  • Publishing of Monthly Retail and wholesale prices of petroleum products (kerosene, diesel and super petrol)
  • Countrywide monitoring of compliance to the maximum set retail prices.
  • Undertaking monitoring of Petroleum facilities in the downstream sectors. This include Pipeline and storage facilities.