Regulatory Research and Policy Analysis

The Authority is mandated under section 10 subsection (jj) of the Energy Act ,2019 to collect and maintain energy data. To fulfil this mandate, EPRA undertakes regulatory research and policy analysis in electricity, petroleum and renewable energy sub sectors and provides such information and statistics to the Cabinet Secretary as he may require from time to time.

Research ensures informed decision making in the energy sector as well as innovation that culminates into efficient and sustainable service delivery.

The Authority performs this function through:

Coordinating Preparation of Cost of Service Studies

In order to ensure objective review, adjusting of electric power tariffs and tariff structures, to determine tariff charges and petroleum pump prices, the Authority co-ordinates preparation of cost of service studies for electricity and petroleum sub sectors in Kenya, as well as other energy cost related studies. Some of the studies undertaken in the recent past include:

  • Cost of Service Study for the Electricity Sub Sector
  • Cost of Service for Petroleum Products Supply Chain
  • Time of use Tariffs to Promote Commercial and Industrial Growth in Kenya
  • Option for a Local Currency Power Purchase Agreement in Kenya

Undertaking Analytical Research and Policy Analysis

The Authority undertakes analytical research and coordinates development of policy and policy analysis. Under this function, the Authority has coordinated preparation of the following studies in recent times:

  • Modeling Energy Transition in Kenya
  • Strategies and Implementation Matrix to Improve Access of LPG in Kenya
  • The impact of Oil Price Volatility on the Kenyan Economy
  • The energy consumption patterns studies

Generation of Data, Statistics and Information in the Energy Sector

The department coordinates generation of data, statistics and information on the energy sector in line with Section 10 (jj) of the Energy Act, 2019. Some of the key outputs and information include:

  • Annual Energy Balance Matrix for Kenya
  • The Quarterly Energy Statistical Bulletin
  • The Annual Quarterly statistical bulletins