Fuel Quality Monitoring

Section 95 of the Energy Act No. 12 of 2006 requires that all petroleum products sold in Kenya must conform to the applicable Kenya standards. It is therefore an offence for any retail station owner, trader or importer to sell or import sub-standard petroleum products. To ensure that petroleum product sold in Kenya is not tampered with, the Commission marks all Kerosene sold in Kenya with an invisible marker. This is in line with Legal Notice No. 64 of May, 2000 which made it mandatory for petroleum products destined for export or duty exempt institutions and domestic kerosene to be marked.

The Commission samples motor fuels (diesel or super petrol) from all retail petrol stations in Kenya to check for the presence of kerosene marker. Any petrol station owner, whose motor fuels are found with kerosene marker, will be deemed to have tampered with the quality. He will therefore be required to pay penalties and fines to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). Further, the station will be required to remain closed until the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) confirms that the adulterated product has been upgraded to meet the requisite Kenya standards.

Consumers who have a complaint against any particular retail station are requested to contact the Commission within six (6) hours of fueling providing details of the station name, quantity & grade purchased and the time of fueling. This information can be sent to or to ERC’s Hotline Number 0708 444 000 or to info@erc.go.ke.