Electricity Regulations

The Kenya Electricity Grid Code is the primary technical document of the electricity supply industry (ESI), collating the majority of the technical regulations covering the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electrical energy. Essentially the Grid Code is a consolidation of existing standards and practices in the Kenyan ESI and is intended to provide a transparent regulatory framework, in line with the principle of non-discriminatory access to the transmission and distribution systems, and is designed to provide technical specifications and procedures that complement the Act.

The Electric Power (Electrical Installation Work) Rules, 2006, published as Legal Notice No.115, Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 60 (Legislative Supplement No. 34) on September 6, 2006 sets out the requirements for the licensing of electricians and electrical contractors. The licensing is administered and approved by ERC’s Electricians’ and Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Panel set up in 2006.

The Energy (Complaints and Dispute Resolution) Regulations 2012, published as Legal Notice No. 42, Kenya Gazette Supplement No.49 (Legislative Supplement No. 15) on May 25, 2012 provides the means by which the Commission can help resolve complaints and disputes between a licensee and its customers where any party remains disatisfied after exhausting the licensee’s complaints resolution procedures.

The Energy (Electricity Licensing) Regulations, 2012 published as Legal Notice No. 44, Kenya Gazette Supplement No.49 (Legislative Supplement No. 15) on May 25, 2012 sets out requirements to be fulfilled by any person desiring a license or permit authorising him to carry out any undertaking in the generation, transmission, distribution or supply of electrical energy in Kenya.