Role of EPRA in the Electricity subsector

The Authority is responsible for economic and technical regulation of the electric power sub-sector and for this purpose, it has powers to:

  • Issue, renew, modify, suspend or revoke licenses and permits;
  • propose to the Cabinet Secretary regulations which may be necessary or expedient for the sub-sector;
  • formulate, enforce and review environmental, health, safety and quality standards for the sub-sector, in coordination with other statutory authorities;
  • enforce and review regulations, codes and standards for the sub-sector;
  • ensure compliance with conditions of licenses or permits;
  • set, review and adjust electric power tariffs and tariff structures, and investigate tariff charges, whether or not a specific application has been made for a tariff adjustment;
  • approve electric power purchase and network service contracts for all persons engaging in electric power undertakings;
  • examine and approve meters used or intended to be used for ascertaining the quantity of electrical energy;
  • license electricians and register electrical contractors;
  • investigate complaints or disputes between parties with grievances over any matter required to be regulated under the Act;
  • prescribe the requirements for accreditation of persons with appropriate skills to check accuracy of energy meters installed in residential, commercial or industrial premises;
  • Impose sanctions and penalties on persons who are in breach of any of the provisions of the Act or any regulations made thereunder.