Standards and Labelling drive the market towards high-quality, higher efficiency products, while avoiding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and lowering energy spending costs for consumers.

In 2013, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority initiated the Standard and Labelling (S&L) program for equipment and appliances. While standards remove the lowest efficiency and low-quality products from the market, energy labels enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions by differentiating high-efficiency products from average and low-efficiency choices. The higher-efficiency ranking demonstrated by the 5-stars shown on the label, the less money customers pay per month on their energy bills. More stars denote a comparatively more efficient appliance to an appliance with the same size and functionality hence more energy savings.

The Kenyan Standards and Labelling program covers refrigerators, air-conditioners, motors and lightings which are mandatory under the Standards and Labelling scheme. The applicable standards for the current Standards and Labelling Programme are as provided in the List of Appliance Table


List of Appliances

Appliance Applicable Standard
Ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps KS 2447-1:2013
Double Capped Fluorescent Lamps KS 2448-1:2013
Non-Ducted Air Conditioners KS 2463:2019
Refrigerating Appliances KS IEC 62552-1:2015

KS IEC 62552-2:2015

KS IEC 62552-3:2015

KS 2464:2020

Self-Ballasted Lamps KS 2446-1:2013


Three-Phase Case Induction Motors KS 2449-1:2013

KS 2449-2:2013


Copies of the standards are available from Kenya Bureau of Standards Webstore.

Compliance Process

Manufacturers/Importers of the listed appliances are required to have them subjected to energy performance testing as per the applicable Kenyan Standard. Testing is conducted by laboratories accredited to test as per the specific standard mostly in the country of origin. The manufacturer/importer then applies for registration of the tested model through the EPRA online licensing portal. Appliances that meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) are   issued with Energy Labels which the manufacturer/importer is required to affix on the appliance (preferably before shipping or during manufacturing). The Authority works with other government agencies to restrict entry into the market of any non-compliant appliances. Further, surveillance inspections are conducted in the market to ensure compliance.

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In the next few years, the Authority will extend the program to other essential appliances.